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    Company Profile

    Finex Kitchen is a revolution in wired kitchen products, stared in the year of 2001 by dynamic people with a motto of ‘Creativity’ and ‘Customer satisfaction’. Since then we are presenting innovative products that will suit customer needs. We are proud that we are added class and convenience to many modern Kitchens with new age Kitchen accessories. We are one of the fastest growing companies in modern kitchens and furniture with huge nationwide dealer’s network.

    Latest machinery for working on rod, tubes and sheet metals in combination with wood, plastic & glass directed to lean manufacturing of variable quantities, are the basic of fast and flexible production to achieve the highest possible level of product quality.

    With special solutions of furniture fitting systems made from surface finished steel for kitchen, bedroom & bathroom furniture FINEX has become the one of the market leaders.

    Innovation and Promissing Future

    As a company, we are aware of and continuously working towards technical excellence and innovative products, which add a commercial advantage and contribute to the company’s success. Our research and development (R & D) team helps in this regard.

    We know women are real crafters and are proud that our 70% work force is women. Hence we have better work culture with concern to our Society, Nature and Environment.


    The origin of positive results is always the intensive commutation with each other. Our customers are our most important partners in the development of our products. Our efforts are concentrated on the essentials. Every product has the combination of Appropriateness, Usefulness and Functionality in a nice design!

    As a result Finex has high demand on material, production & engineering. Only fully proved products allow a serial fabrication.

    Quality Statement

    Important requirement for our high level of product quality is the fact that all production and engineering is made by Finex.

    Quality Certificates: our company has the ISO 9001-2008 certification.


    An experienced logistic system in the there production site allow a high flexibility and a delivery service close to customer requirements.

    Strong Associate to grow your Business

    Your success is our success. In an association each party brings something to the relationship. Success in this industry relies on the team efforts along with the interplay of resources & Creativity.

    As your business associate, we are able to offer you’re a wealth of experience, Knowledge & resources that will enable you to grow your business to the next level. We can provide excellent services to enhance your business, starting from world class products to financial advice & marketing support. As our associate, you give us loyalty & you join our program enabling us to showcase our products & services to a new group of discarding customers, in an environment that will ensure that their Finex experience is a good one!

    Discover what we can do for your Business.

    Finex reputations have been named from know-how which has been built up over years. This is due to our large product range, attractive packing, innovations & strong sales network. Our products, our ideas & our services inspire our clients. These clients have already placed their confidence in us & we would love to add your name to this prestigious list.

    Discover what we can do together

    Finex gallery is a brand new concept & in the true spirit of business association, Finex would like to invite you to be a part of this exciting venture. We believe that combining our strengths will results in a win-win situation for both of us & we look forward to breaking new ground with you. Sharing assets and resources Creativity and innovation have always defined our approach and there too we are more than just a supplier of components. We partner with our clients in product design, development and marketing projects, delivering solutions to drive their success.

    Development Skills

    We provide your staff, designers, and costumers with a unique opportunity to grow & develop as industry professionals.
    We carry out training sessions for them regularly at our Application centers.

    We Are With You - All The Way

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