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    Next Generation Kitchen Furniture
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    Kitchen Shutter
    img3 Solid Surface
    Kitchen Shutter
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    The beauty and versatility of Solid Surface combined with
    its exceptional functionality make it the favorite among
    decorative materials and open up unlimited possibilities for
    builders, architects and designers. Because of its polymerbased
    non-porous structure, Solid Surface is very durable
    and extremely resistant to most external effects.
    Solid Surface Products are molded into a wide range of
    shapes, such as sinks, batubs, shower pans, Reception
    Counters & decorative wall panels, Kitchen Shutters & also supplied in sheets, slabs & custom shapes.
    Stain & Chemical Resistance
    Water Resistance
    Fire Resistance
    Temperature Resistance
    Repairable & Renewable
    Hygienic-Fungus and Bacteria cannot Penetrate
    the Non-Porous Surface Inert, Non-Toxic,
    Chemically Non-Reactive, Hypoallergenic.
    Versatile Fabrication Capabilites
    High Quality, Multi-Tasking Material for Residential or
    Commercial usage. This products does not require through
    care as it can be simply wiped with a damp cloth or with just
    a small amount of general-purpose cleanser. Lasting
    quality and ease of maintenance of Solid Surface have built
    its reputation as a highly practical and pleasant material.
    Healthy & Hygienic  
    Solid Surface does not absorb liquids, food and odours;
    this makes it ideal for surfaces that need to be clinically
    clean and free of risk of contamination. Today Solid Surface
    is one of the most common materials accepted in food
    preparation areas.
    Solid Surface is non-toxic; it has no surface-acting agents
    and it ranks with stainless steel in resistance to fungal and
    bacterial growth. Because of sanitary properties of Solid
    Surface, hospitals have begun to use it for their spaces
    from reception areas to such delicate applications as wall
    and work surfaces in operating rooms.
    Solid Surface is the best value premium counter top
    material available. Easy to work with as wood, impervious
    to liquids as metal, tough as concrete and more adaptable
    than most plastics-Solid Surface, without a doubt, is one of
    the best decorative materials available today.
    Post forming shutters Colors
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